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On June 11th, fans worldwide won’t have to wait any longer to see elite players like Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo. There are expectations on specific teams to win their groupings, with outfits like England or Italy guaranteed to reach the Quarterfinals. Not only will these footballers be looking towards winning the “Henri Delaunay Trophy” for their national team, but they’ll also look at obtaining the Golden Boot Award, which is given to the tournament’s highest-ranked athlete.

Our readers will locate an informative assessment that focuses on which football clubs are likely to win their respective grouping. We’ll provide detailed odds from W88 Sportsbook while showcasing which promotions can be retrieved during this tournament. We’ve also a detailed schedule of matches for the Group Stage.

Euro 2020 Top games

Countdown for Euro 2020/2021

Twelve months ago, an announcement was issued that Euro 2020/2021 would be postponed until the following year, as governments in the European Union and Britain continually cited the Covid-19 pandemic. There were concerns that outbreaks between footballers, coaches, and training personal would ensue if the tournament were held. Adding to the justification was the Union of European Football witnessing Major League Soccer in America experience outbreaks during their championship events, which was enough to postpone Euro 2020/2021.

Since announcing the competition would go ahead this year after vaccinations and protective measures were implemented, teams began the qualification process. This was simplified and retained by the same teams who had qualified before the pandemic. As is usual with sporting events of this magnitude, Euro 2020/2021 matches will be played across Europe.

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Which teams have qualified for the Euro 2020 Championship? 

Euro 2020/2021 will host a large number of nations like Italy, Belgium, England, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. Within each group, one is expected to dominate their respective groupings. Those expectations could become the very downfall which eliminates those teams from entering the Quarterfinals. However, it’s unlikely that will be the outcome unless opposing teams like Turkey, France, or Germany can implement unique strategies.

Group A: Italy, Turkey,  Switzerland and Wales

Determining which of the four from Group A will advance is pretty straightforward, and while many will favour Italy, the most likely advancers will be Switzerland and Turkey. While Switzerland performed well in the Nations League, they just scraped by for the Euro 2020, and ultimately, bettors should be backing Turkey.

Group B: Belgium, Finland Denmark and Russia.

A large number of bettors are likely to anticipate Russia defeating their opposing teams, like Belgium. However, online bookmakers like W88 are proposing that recent performances from the Belgium National Football Team could provide them with the necessary skillsets to overcome Russia. It’ll be a challenge for Russia to defend against De Bruyne, the Vice-Captain of Belgium. Kevin De Bruyne is considered an iconic midfielder attacker. This year alone, he’s obtained twenty-one points for Manchester City in the Premier League. He’ll be a heavyset player for Russia in the Euro 2020 Championship. Subsequently, bookmakers are averaging 1.90 Odds to Win for Belgium.

Group C: Austria, North Macedonia, Netherland and Ukraine.

International football fans have waited for the Netherlands to reach the Euro Finals. It’s been challenging for a team, that until recently, had struggled in winning matches. That changed when their latest coach joined the squad. However, the Netherlands isn’t guaranteed to win Group C as they face the ambitious Ukrainians and disciplined Austrians. If the Netherlands can oppose these formidable clubs, they’ll have an opportunity to reach the Quarterfinals. But there’s always the chance that an underdog team like North Macedonia could surprise supporters by winning Group C, which is unlikely, as this international team has an odds to win of 13.00 against the Netherlands.

Group D: Croatia, England, Czech Republic and Scotland.

The easiest grouping for bettors in Malaysia to understand is Group D. There’s one team that’ll overcome any opposing club, with that national outfit being England. The British have one team that could outpace them on the field, and that’s Croatia. But there are minimal chances of Croatia’s 4.30 Odds to Win overcoming England 1.60 OTW. Most analysts have collectively agreed that England is guaranteed to reach the Quarterfinals, possibly the finals, and win the championship. For Malaysian’s using W88 Sportsbook to wager on UEFA’s Euro 2020 tournament, the Odds to Win will change from May to June.

Group E: Slovakia, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

Similar to Great Britain, it’s almost guaranteed that Spain won’t have serious competition in reaching the next round of matches. There is minimal opportunity that Slovakia, Poland, or Sweden can conquer Spain for group victory. That’s because Spain elects internationally famous footballers like Jordi Alba. Spain has a 1.35 Odds to Win against Sweden, which has an OTW of 6.50.

Group F: Germany, France, Hungary and Portugal

The most anticipated grouping involves the national football clubs for Germany, Hungary, France, and Portugal. There isn’t any grouping with greater competition awaiting contracted footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Manuel Neuer. Following the extensive competition in Group F, bettors have struggled to select which team will move towards the Quarterfinals.

From our thorough analysis of recent performances from each team, we are anticipating that Portugal will defeat Germany and France. There’s little chance that Hungary would’ve beaten any of their three opponents. As such, we’re recommending our readers choose Portugal for an outright bet & Cristiano Ronaldo for the Golden Boot Award.

Euro 2020 Betting Options

There are a respectable number of sportsbooks all offering Malaysian’s betting action for the Euro 2020/2021. However, our experience has shown the best sportsbook for Malaysians wanting to bet on sports is W88. Not only do they offer an abundance of sports fixtures and league action, but eSports, virtuals and so much more.

As a brand, W88 is a major supporter of football and like all others, is setting odds on who they think will win the tournament, who will be the top goal scorer and who they think will be the best goalkeeper. Of course, they will have many betting opportunities that punters can avail, here are a few of the favourites:

  • Winner of the tournament
  • Best player of the tournament
  • Top goalscorer(Golden shoe)
  • Top goalkeeper( Golden glove)
  • Bet on each game

For all odds and betting options visit our Euro 2020 predictions and betting options page

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Euro 2020 Schedule

From June 11th to the 23rd, national teams will compete in their respective groupings. This twelve-day venue will see the top two teams from each grouping move towards the knockout phase. Only eight teams will remain during the Quarterfinals, while four clubs will be eliminated. Those four clubs that enter the Semi-Finals will compete on July 6th and 7th, leaving two to compete on July 11th for the Euro 2020 Championship Trophy.

By clicking the link that we’ve provided for you, our readers can locate a comprehensive match schedule for the Euro 2020 Championship.

Euro 2020 FAQ’s

Which team is the favourite to win Euro 2020?

Bookmakers worldwide, including W88 Malaysia, have determined that England will stand victorious over other prominent teams. There’s a chance that France, Belgium, Germany, and Spain could also win the tournament.

Where will the Finals be held for Euro 2020?

London’s Wembley Stadium in England will host the final event on July 11th, 2021. There will be live attendees watching the final.

Why is W88 the best for sports betting?

Malaysian bettors that choose W88 are greeted with exceptional odds and promotional offers. You can earn large payouts by using the bonuses offered by W88

Where can I watch Euro 2020?

That question depends on where you live. Malaysian’s can stream all 51 Matches in 4K UHD for the Euro 2020 Championship by joining “ASTRO”

Where can I find predictions for Euro 2020?

Our readers can obtain predictions and odds by clicking on the following link. We’ve received these predictions from reputable analysts while correlating them to W88 odds.

Bottom Line

By choosing W88 Casino to wager on the Euro 2020 Championship, our Malaysian readers are guaranteed to have betting options that exceed other sportsbooks in the region. There also will access to multiple promotional incentives that extend beyond Euro 2020/2021.

Either way, you look at it, Euro 2020/2021 is gearing up for another year that will see intense battles that result in the expected and unexpected. With W88 at your side and with favourable odds, now is the time to begin preparing for the group stage.

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