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The wait is over, the Euro 2021 is here! With the anticipated start of the Euro Cup and the reduced number of games relating to the pandemic, determining which team will win the Euro 2021 Championship is not an easily accomplished task. Malaysian punters have multiple sources they can rely upon for predictions, yet many of those are based on biased opinions, not informative research.

We have chosen to take another approach, focusing instead on statistics that are unbiased and factual based. As the lead-up to the Euro 2020/2021 is well underway, many sportsbooks such as W88 will be offering Euro 2020/2021 action from June 12th to July 12th.

Considering W88 is one of the leading brands for sports entertainment in Malaysia, analytical research indicates that England’s National Football Club will win the Henry Delaunay Trophy. For years, the British have displayed skillsets that most teams cannot strategically outplay. This has seen England becoming a prominent force in recent Euro Championships, and the Euro 2020 tournament isn’t expected to be any different.

The top ten teams to win Euro 2020 include:

Team Odds  


6.00 BET NOW
France 6.00 BET NOW
Belgium 7.00 BET NOW
Germany 9.00 BET NOW
Portugal 9.00 BET NOW
Spain 10.00 BET NOW
Italy 13.00 BET NOW
Netherlands 13.00 BET NOW

Even with France having Antonie Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe, Coach Didier Deschamps will struggle against the overall strength of England. That is resultant in England having footballers like Harry Kane and Mason Mount, both of whom are known for putting pressure against opposing forwards. This pressure will prompt leading athletes from France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and the other top teams to make mistakes, and there hasn’t been a year when strategic planning from England has caused adversaries to fail.

Eastern European analysts are also suggesting England will have Belgium to contend with, a team many expect to perform better than the British opposition. These predictions follow after Belgium nearly defeated England during the 2018 World Cup and followed that performance with a third-place finish in the UEFA National League Cup in 2019. This has made Belgium as equal a contender as France, if not more so.

We’re confident that should Belgium reaches the finals in London’s Wembley Stadium, we will likely see Harry Kane (England) and Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) contest each other on-field, which is a battle for European football have wanted for years.

W88 has not announced Belgium as a favourite yet, as the Malaysian sportsbook is still favouring England. However, do not be surprised if England’s confidence proves to be their downfall; it wouldn’t be the first time.

Euro 2020 – 2021 Golden Shoe Odds

Our readers should focus on three footballers when wagering on the outright footballer for the Euro 2020-21 Golden Shoe. The Golden Show is awarded to the athlete that acquired the most goals during the competition. Several of the top footballers expected to be in the running for the Golden Shoe include England’s captain, Harry Kane. Kane is internally recognized as one of the best strikers and forwards in the Union of European Football.

The second-best selection would be Portugal’s captain, Cristiano Ronaldo. He is considered one of the best scoring footballers throughout history & has an undeniable legacy. However, Ronaldo could lose the Golden Shoe award to Romelu Lukaku from Belgium as Lukaku has reached his career-best and easy could convert a respectable number of goals from June to July 12th.

Player Odds  
Harry Kane 7.00 BET NOW
Kylian Mbappe 9.00 BET NOW
Romelu Lukaku 9.00 BET NOW
Cristiano Ronaldo 11.00 BET NOW
Antoine Griezmann 17.00 BET NOW
Raheem Sterling 17.00 BET NOW
Timo Werner 17.00 BET NOW
Robert Lewandowski 19.00 BET NOW
Ciro Immobile 21.00 BET NOW

Euro 2020 – 2021 Best player of the tournament Odds

Although W88 is featuring Kevin De Bruyne as the top competitor for the best player of the tournament, we know that the trophy for the best player will probably be from the player that is in the winning team of the tournament, so place your bet on your player, but keep In mind for the best team too.

Player Odds  
Kevin De Bruyne 9.00 BET NOW
Kylian Mbappe 9.00 BET NOW
Harry Kane 13.00 BET NOW
Antoine Griezmann 15.00 BET NOW
Cristiano Ronaldo 21.00 BET NOW
Bruno Fernandes 23.00 BET NOW
Romelu Lukaku 26.00 BET NOW
Paul Pogba 26.00 BET NOW
Eden Hazard 28.00 BET NOW

Euro 2020 – 2021 Golden Glove Odds

National teams are nothing without their goalkeepers as they keep adversaries from scoring goals. These individuals often are portrayed as leaders in these squads, taking additional responsibility to lead their team to Euro 2020 victory. There isn’t any goaltender that embodies that mentality more than Hugo Lloris, who likely will be named the Golden Glove recipient this year. He’s the Captain for France’s National Team and the goaltender for the Tottenham Hotspur’s. However, England’s Dean Henderson and Belgium’s Thibaut Courtois will also be in the running.

Euro 2020 – 2021 Young player odds

Name Team Odds
Phil Foden – Age 20 England N/A
Jadon Sancho – Age 21 England N/A
Matthijs de Ligt – Age 21 Netherlands N/A

It will be England that is likely to see the Euro 2020 Golden Boy as two shining stars play for the national team. This includes 20-year-old Phil Foden and 21-year-old Jadon Sancho. Both have performed admirably during the qualifying rounds, with their only other competition other than each other being Matthijs de Ligt from the Netherlands. Considering that Matthijs is a Defender, not a Midfielder like Foden and Sancho, he is unlikely to win the Euro 2020 Golden Boy.

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