EURO 2021 match schedule

The opening of the Euro Cup will kick off on June 12th in Rome at the Stadio Olimpico. Of course, with the schedule confirmed by the UEFA, there is plenty of action that will follow on the 12th as the rest of the nations gear up and get ready to play their Group State matches. This will see the eleven countries playing host and a total of 51 fixtures being staged.

For those interested, we have included the complete 2020/2021 Euro Cup schedule. This includes the Group Stage to the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and naturally, the finals. Moreover, we have taken the time to convert the start times into UTC, so Malaysian punters never have to worry about missing the kickoff.

Euro 2020

Game Of The Day


03:00, Rome

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EURO 2020 (2021): The draw

Group A: (Rome/Baku): Turkey and Italy host Wales and Switzerland.

Group B (Copenhagen/St Petersburg): Denmark and Finland host Belgium and Russia.

Group C (Amsterdam/Bucharest): Netherlands and Ukraine host Austria and  North Macedonia.

Group D (London/Glasgow): England and Croatia host Scotland and Czech Republic.

Group E (Seville/St Petersburg): Spain and Sweden host Poland and Slovakia.

Group F (Munich/Budapest): Hungary and Portugal host France and Germany.

EURO 2020: (2021)  Group Stage

Saturday 12th June

Group A: Turkey 0-3 Italy, 03:00, Rome

Sunday 13th June

Group A: Wales 1-1 Switzerland, 21:00, Baku

Group B: Denmark 0-1 Finland, 00:00, Copenhagen

Group B: Belgium 3-0 Russia, 03:00, St. Petersburg

Group D: England Vs Croatia, 21:00, London

Monday 14th June

Group C: Austria Vs North Macedonia, 00:00, Bucharest

Group C: Netherlands Vs Ukraine, 03:00, Amsterdam

Group D: Scotland Vs Czech Republic, 21:00, Glasgow

Tuesday 15th June

Group E, Poland Vs Slovakia, 00:00, St. Petersburg

Group E: Spain Vs Sweden, 03:00, Seville

Wednesday 16th June

Group F: Hungary Vs Portugal, 00:00, Budapest

Group F: France Vs Germany, 03:00, Munich

Group B: Finland Vs Russia, 21:00, St. Petersburg

Thursday 17th June

Group A: Turkey Vs Wales, 00:00, Baku

Group A: Italy Vs Switzerland, 03:00, Rome

Group C: Ukraine Vs North Macedonia, 21:00, Bucharest

Friday 18th June

Group B: Denmark Vs Belgium, 00:00, Copenhagen

Group C: Netherlands Vs Austria, 03:00, Amsterdam

Group E: Sweden Vs Slovakia, 21:00, St. Petersburg

Saturday 19th June

Group D: Croatia Vs Czech Republic, 00:00, Glasgow

Group D: England Vs Scotland, 03:00, London

Group F: Hungary Vs France, 21:00, Budapest

Sunday 20th June

Group F: Portugal Vs Germany, 00:00, Munich

Group E: Spain Vs Poland, 03:00, Seville

Monday 21st June

Group A: Italy Vs Wales, 00:00, Rome

Group A: Switzerland Vs Turkey, 00:00, Baku

Tuesday 22nd June

Group C: North Macedonia Vs  Netherlands, 00:00, Amsterdam

Group C: Ukraine Vs Austria, 00:00, Bucharest

Group B: Russia Vs Denmark, 03:00, Copenhagen

Group B: Finland Vs Belgium, 03:00, St. Petersburg

Wednesday 23rd June

Group D: Czech Republic Vs England, 03:00, London

Group D: Croatia Vs Scotland, 03:00, Glasgow

Thursday 24th June

Group E: Slovakia Vs Spain, 00:00, Seville

Group E: Sweden Vs Poland, 00:00, St. Petersburg

Group F: Germany Vs Hungary, 03:00, Munich

Group F: Portugal Vs France, 03:00, Budapest

EURO 2020 (2021): Knockout Phase – Round of 16

Sunday 27th June

  1. 2A Vs 2B, 00:00, Amsterdam
  2. 1C Vs 2C, 03:00, London

Monday 28th June

  1. 1C Vs 3D/E/F, 00:00, Budapest
  2. 1B Vs 3A/D/E/F. 03:00, Seville

Tuesday 29th  June

  1. 2D Vs 2E, 00:00, Copenhagen
  2. 1F Vs 3A/B/C, 03:00, Bucharest

Wednesday 30th July,

  1. 1D Vs 2F, 00:00, London
  2. 1E Vs 3A/B/C/D, 03:00, Glasgow

EURO 2020 (2021): Quarter-finals

Saturday 3rd July

QF1: Winner 6 Vs Winner 5, 00:00, St. Petersburg

QF2: Winner 4 Vs Winner 2, 03:00, Munich

Sunday 4th July

QF3: Winner 3 Vs Winner 1, 00:00, Baku

QF4: Winner 8 Vs Winner 7, 03:00, Rome

Euro 2020  (2021) Semi-finals

Wednesday 7th July

SF1: Winner QF2 Vs Winner QF1, 03:00, London

Thursday 8th July

SF2: Winner QF4 Vs Winner QF3, 03:00, London

Euro 2020 (2021) Final

Monday 11th July

Winner SF1 Vs Winner SF2, 03:00, London

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